Tony Hardwick, Independent Insurance Agent Ga. Lic.#338912.               

With a computer, an email address, and a cellphone, you can submit your application for coverage online in an hour or less. One call is all it takes for coverage.

Convenient scheduling

You can schedule an appointment to get coverage on your time.  You can be serviced with just a phone call. Whenever you have an extra 30-45 minutes you can submit an online application for policy coverage. You don't even have to leave your house and nobody has to come to your house. If you have an email address, you can e-sign and be done quickly. If not, a short 3 way phone call and you're good.

Get your FREE living will planner

Just for visiting this website, I would like to offer you a FREE living will planner. If you're interested in protecting your loved ones, this FREE planner will put your family on the road to financial peace of mind. No purchase necessary. If you have any loved one, or loved ones, who depend on you and your income, you should get life insurance. Remember, you buy life insurance because your loved ones are going to live on.

business hours

Tue - Thu 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday and Saturday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Service is quick and efficient. It only takes 30-45 minutes to complete and submit your e-application.



All client information is kept strictly confidential.



Whether you need an immediate appointment, need policy information, need to update information, or any other need, you can be assured that it will be taken care of as quickly as possible and you will be notified.


My promise


Fast, reliable 

All it takes is a phone call, that's all. Just schedule your appointment and once you get that phone call, it will only take you 30-45 minutes, that's all.



I will not submit a policy until I fully explain the benefits and assess your budget. You won't ever be sold a policy just so I can get a commission. My biggest commission is the smile on your face when I put you in the perfect policy to fit your financial needs and budget.

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