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My mission is to provide you with clear, easy to understand information about the benefits of insurance products to allow you to make an informed decision about protecting your most valuable assets and manage risk. I have been helping families in Georgia since February of 2021. My customers can call me for any reason at any time. Any question you may have, if I don't have the answer, I will find the answer swiftly and inform you. My customers are my priority. I'm more concerned with putting you in the perfect policy to fit your needs and your budget than I am about my commission. I represent various carriers and can help you choose from various products to create a plan to protect your assets and manage risk.

Mortgage Protection

Did you know that with a mortgage life insurance policy you may be able to get up to 100% of premiums paid into the policy returned at the end of the cash back option period? You also may be able to pay the mortgage off in the event of passing away, make your mortgage payment in the event of involuntary unemployment or disability.

Final Expenses

Clients aged 50-85 can be assured that they can secure a final expense policy to protect their loved ones from being left with a mountain of debt. Did you know that the average adult funeral costs an average of $10K? With inflation, that is bound to increase. You may be able to qualify for up to $35K in final expense coverage. No medical exams needed.

Children's Whole Life

Popular with grandparents. simplified applications. No medical exams. No MIB report. Not guaranteed issue. Allows them to purchase additional insurance without proof of insurability at ages 25, 30, 35, and 40. This policy builds a cash value. The initial rate never increases with age and the benefit never decreases. To increase, at age 25, will be predicated on age 25 but the original amount will never change. Must be at least 15 days old up to 17 years old. Face amount $5K-$50K. Whole life to age 100.


You don't have to outlive your income. Whether you're interested in steady gains or aggressive growth, an annuity is a great way to provide an income through retirement. Look at it this way. An annuity is like putting money in a bag over a period of time and sitting it aside. After it's been sitting for a period of time, you can go back to it and get money as you need it.

Medicare Supplement (coming soon)

Medicare supplement, or Medigap works with Medicare Parts A&B. Ir protects against high out of pocket expenses by helping pay for eligible healthcare expenses not covered by Medicare. You can choose your doctor. You can use any doctor that accepts Medicare. No provider networks or referrals required.

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Telephone: +1 470 495 2719


Address: 1380 Hawthorne Way, East Point, GA. 30344

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